Qitab I Aqdas
*Kitab I Aqdas
Bhagvad Gita
*Bhagavad Gita
Kitab I Aqdas : Texts 20 - 38 8

...Division of the estate should take place only after the &Huququ'llah hath been paid, any debts have been settled, the expenses of the funeral and burial defrayed, and such provision made that the deceased may be carried to his resting-place w...


Akaranga Sutra : Text 04 - Righteousness 8

...There are as many asravas as there are parisravas, and there are as many parisravas as there are asravas. There are as many an asravas as there are aparisravas, and there are as many aparisravas as there are anasravas. He who well understands these w...


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